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Irish Books

Irish titles developed by
Leslie Conron Carola

  • The Irish: A Treasury of Art and Literature
  • Ireland's Treasures: 5000 Years of Artistic Expression
  • Spectacular Ireland
  • Irish Art Masterpieces
  • Irish Fairy Tales
  • Irish Fireside Tales
Craft Books

A selection of craft titles developed by
Leslie Carola

  • Stamp-A-Christmas
  • Stamp-A-Greeting
  • Scrapbooking with Memory Makers
  • Great Scrapbooks: Ideas, Tips and Techniques
  • The Great Scrapbooking Kit
  • The Great Rubber Stamp Kit
  • Baby's Scrapbook
  • The Great American Airplane Kit
  • Powers That Be
  • The Night Sky Kit

Women in Communications Matrix Award winner in Books, Leslie Conron Carola brings more than twenty-five years of publishing experience to her role as director of Arena Books Associates, LLC. Her publishing background includes:

  • Special Projects Developmental Editor, college textbooks: Harper & Row
  • Production Director, Opera News magazine, and director book publishing program: the Metropolitan Opera Guild
  • Editorial Director, Production Director: packager Joshua Morris
  • Editorial Director, Production Director, Publisher for books: Taunton Press
  • Senior Editor: Hugh Levin Associates

She combines all of these roles as director of Arena Books Associates, LLC.

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