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"Ireland: A Luminous Beauty (Thomas Dunne Books, St. Martin's Press) is the outcome of a first-rate idea brilliantly executed."
—Peter McDermott, The Irish Echo
"Leslie Conron Carola and Peter Harbison, who brought us Spectacular Ireland, have raised the bar with their elegant new book—Ireland: A Luminous Beauty—with photographs by Chris Hill, Carsten Krieger, and George Munday, three of Ireland's most revered landscape photographers. From the stunning icons of the ancient world to the dramatic landscapes of the natural world and the indelible sense of place of the cultivated world Ireland: A Luminous Beauty quietly draws us into the ever-changing magical light and wind-swept skies of Ireland, celebrating a spirit rich with imagination and style. This book is a treasure; a treat for the soul."
—Ruth Moran, Tourism Ireland
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Ireland: A Luminous Beauty
by Peter Harbison and Leslie Conron Carola
ISBN: 978-1-250-05659-7
Thomas Dunne Books, St. Martin's Press
Selection for Doubleday and Bookspan Book Clubs

Ireland: A Luminous Beauty is a look at Ireland and its extraordinary ever-changing, wind-blown, reflective island light through layers of time, a light that shines, reflects, and inspires. Stone Age builders knew to orient their structures to maximize the light for visibility and to utilize the seasonal light for phenomenal effects. Through the ancient, natural, and cultivated landscapes, surrounded by history and legend, we discover and celebrate the luminous spirit of Ireland.


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